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79 Produkte

79 Produkte

What is flannel bedding?

Flannel is a fabric whose surface is roughened in the course of production. 100% cotton is primarily used for flannel bed linen. With our textured surface feels it - similar beaver - very warm and soft on the skin. Due to the high level of thermal insulation, flannel bed linen is used as winter bed linen.

Cozy flannel bed linen for the cold season

Children's flannel bedding is also popular because it feels soft and pleasant on the skin. Flannel has the perfect property of keeping the heat on the body. This makes flannel bed linen sets the ideal choice as winter bed linen in addition to beaver bed linen. The flannel bed linen is lighter than the beaver bed linen, but just as warm.

The perfect winter bedding

Flannel bed linen is very insulating against heat. This means that the heating can also be switched off at night in winter. The warming properties of flannel bed linen and fleece trimmings make them a real bestseller for the cold season.So nothing stands in the way of a comfortable sleep even in the cold!

Alternatives to flannel bed linen

Almost as cozy and popular as flannel bed linen are sets made of beaver , fine beaver or fleece

Flannel bed linen cheap in every size

With the large number of offers and the wide selection from different brands and sizes, it is difficult to compare. To make this easier for you, you can filter by brand and size.

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