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Year-round blanket - the blanket for the whole year

If you don't want to change your blanket depending on the season, you are perfectly served with a year-round blanket. The all-year-round blanket is suitable for the whole year due to the medium-weight filling. Year-round blankets are available with down filling or microfiber filling.
In each offer you will find the information you need about the respective year-round blanket. If you need additional information about a year-round blanket, we will of course be happy to help you find the right blanket!

Blankets available in any size

Bedding is available in every imaginable size. Each blanket is available in at least the standard sizes 135x200 cm, 155x200 cm and 200x200 cm, depending on the manufacturer. Often the blankets are also available in individual intermediate sizes such as 155x200 cm or in the oversize 220x240 cm. The most common sizes, however, are those for beds 135x200 cm and 155x220 cm.

Information on caring for the blanket, cover and filling

So that you have something from your blanket for as long as possible, you should not underestimate the topic of hygiene. Both the cover and the filling of blankets play their part in determining how hot a blanket can or cannot be washed. Most bedding and blankets are washable. Regardless of whether it is a down comforter with a cotton cover and filling made of down, a year-round comforter with a cover and filling made of microfiber. Each blanket has its own care instructions that you can use regardless of size.